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Norma Tarditiclose

Norma Tarditi was born in 1982 in Italy, where she still lives out in the countryside or ‘in the middle of nowhere’ as her friends would say. She shares a home with her husband Roberto, a ginger cat named Birba, and a big, clumsy dog called Ettore. An avid reader, she appreciates most genres, undoubtedly though fantasy is her most preferred. As is the case with many book worms, Norma always dreamed of writing a book of her very own one day. However, she didn’t ever honestly believe that she would actually be able to do it. Norma is not one of these authors who grew up with a pen in hand, and a thousand stories stashed away in the cupboard. Instead, with a flexible job and a little time on her hands, she picked a nice, sunny spot on the terrace, grabbed a notebook and pen, and started to write what she thought would be a short little tale. Word followed on from word, and the tale became a story and then a series. As she concluded the final book, another idea came a-knocking, and so a new adventure began...
‘Gaia’ is the first of Norma’s books to be translated into English.