Gaia is not your average teenage girl. She’s remarkable even by her family’s standards, one composed entirely of Ancient souls: Healers, Herbalists, Time Manipulators, and Precogs… This is not your typical family! But Gaia is different, she’s a Predator. Her rare and exceptional power gives her the ability to extract the vital energy of any living thing, be it human, animal, plant, or demon. This dangerous gift forced her to spend the first seventeen years of her life hidden away from the outside world as she attempted to learn how to control it. But now the Family Council has deemed her safe to be around others, and things will never be the same for her again. Jumping right into her junior year of high school, Gaia can’t wait to finally experience life as a regular teenager, but from the very first day, she starts to realize that maybe this is not going to be quite as easy as she thought it would be. Used to being outside most of the time, she is now trapped for hours in a suffocating classroom with students who are just dying to get to know her better. With one guy looking to get a little more than friendly, Gaia is left once again grappling with her power. Maybe she was just never meant to have a normal life. When a mysterious new student shows up, Gaia can’t help but be drawn to him. She knows it’s an incredible risk to get close to him, but she can’t seem to help herself every time he turns his strange, purple-flecked, dark eyes on her. Gaia knows she has never met this guy before, yet there is something strangely familiar about him, and he seems to know a whole lot more about her than he’s letting on...